Solar Gyser


Compact Low Pressure Solar hot water heater
Thermosyphon low pressure solar geyser, solar water heater adopts simple thermal circulation, cold water heated by solar vacuum tubes, then hot water go up to tank, cold water in tank flow into solar vacuum tubes, cold and hot water form a natural circulation called thermosyphon, the whole tank water will become hot gradually.

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Evacuated Tube Gravity Solar Geyser (all stainless steel)


  • 1.Economical type for most of area,common people can afford it
  • 2.Simple product structure: solar collector and water tank connected together directly, no need of pipe to connect, and no pump to push fluid
  • 3.Mature technology and stable operation
  • 4.Higher efficiency on photo thermal conversion.
  • 5.Accessory is popular and easy maintenance

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 345 × 556 cm


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