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Compact Pressurized Solar Water Heater System (with Plate Heat Exchanger)

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1st. Technically, plate heat exchanger have following features,
1. Compact structure and small volume. It is convenient to install and uninstall, by users, to clean it.
2. High hear transfer efficiency.
3. Durable and not easy scaling
4. High temperature and high pressure resistance.
5. Less liquid holdup, reduce refrigeration /water-filling/ heat transfer fluid impulse.
2ND. Good-looking.
We improved the system by compacting the pump station, expansion vessel and controller on the top of water tank. They improved as a complete unit. It takes small space to install, and looks wonderful.
3rd. More intelligent.
The controller is improved by adding another intelligent functions, for instance, the HOLIDAY FUNCTION, which can protect FREE-CSP system all the time, and which is easy to operate.
4th. More economic and easier to install.
There are mainly two parts in the FREE-CSP system, one is compacted water tank and there other is solar collectors. To install the system is as easy as combine the tank and solar collectors by pipes. In the feedback of each client from Europe, I’ve been told the installation cost is extremely high. The FREE-CSP system will cut off the expensive installation fees.

Delivery Packing List of FREE-CSP System
1 Solar Hot Water Cylinder 1 x Pressurized Solar Storage Tank (200/300/400/500 Liters)
1 x Checking Valve
1 x Draining Valve
2 Solar  Collector N x Manifold Box
N x Frame Kit
N x Heat Pipes
N x Solar Reflector
N x Heat Pipes Tail Socket
N x Mounting Brackets/Hooks
N x Mounting Bolts And Screws
N x Thermal Grease
3 Installation Manual 1 x FREE-CSP System Installation Manual

Rating Plate of FREE-CSP-300L236

Name of manufacturer:Taizhou Free-energy Development CO.,LTD
Product Name Solar water heater
Model FREE-CSP300L236
Voltage 230V/1/50Hz
Protection index IPX0
Electrical protection index I
Rated thermal power 2179w
Electric heating power 2000w
Insulation 60mm/PUR
Plate heat exchange surface area 0.25 m2
Coil heat exchange surface area 0.3 m2
Water tank capacity 300L
Rated pressure 0,6MPa
Rated outlet water temperature 55°C
Water inlet and outlet diameter 3/4″
Tank height 1778mm
Net weight 212kg
Pump 2 wilo RSL15/6 86W
Pump 1 wilo RS 15/6 37-93W
Expansion tank 8L
Solar collector FREE-J-1800/58-18*2
Aperture area 2×2.1 m2
Address :Batou Tongyu Luqiao Taizhou Zhejiang China

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 345 × 556 cm


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